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What is Yogic Numerology?

I am a trained Yogic Numerologist with over 20 years of experience. I am also a Yogi and a Healer. It is my intention to uplift, heal and elevate everyone that seeks my guidance.

What is Yogic Numerology

What is Yogic Numerology?


In short we can define Yogic Numerology as the GPS of your life - a roadmap.

The system

reveals the journey of your soul, your potential, your purpose,

and helps you to find the answer to the Questions of Life. You can utilize it to gain perspective and guidance in your day-to-day life and decisions. 

How has it improved my life and could help you too?
- It has explained me painful experiences of my past because I understood the lesson they contained and I needed to learn.
- It has shown me what virtues and qualities I need to cultivate and master this lifetime.
- It has guided my decisions in order to be coherent with my destiny.
- It has given me tools to become a better mother, understanding the Operating System of my daughter.
- It allows me to navigate my relationships because I know now how the other person operates.
- It lets me know the best timing for projects, travel, business, communication, and everything where timing becomes relevant. (Which honestly is really always the case.)
- It created a more conscious behavior in my everyday life towards me and my surroundings.
- It has oriented my spiritual practice.
- It has taken away the doubts, and confusion on where to set my focus on.
- It has clarified the contradictions within myself and given me an understanding on how to bring them into an harmonious co-existence instead of an opposing force.

A longer answer given by the living Master of Yogic Numerology, Yogi Akal, is:

Yogic Numerology is one of the original classical yoga systems. It offers counsel, healing and techniques that can be personalized for an individual, a couple, a family, or a business. For Kundalini Yoga teachers Yogic Numerology provides the tools to prescribe the right yoga technique at the right time, providing another dimension of healing and transformation. 


In the 20th century Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, began openly teaching this ancient numerology system, Akar Jantri. He said it was the oldest system known to man, the most sacred, and the most accurate. At best astrology is 75% accurate he said, whereas Yogic Numerology when practiced correctly, is 99% accurate. Yogi Bhajan said Yogic Numerology would be the future of all counseling. In 1987 he directed me to further develop the system and incorporate Yoga, Numerology and Healing. I call this transformational system Yogic Numerology. It includes:


- Basic Numerology, the core elements of Akar Jantri 

- An understanding of the layers of the classical approach in every formula and calculation

- Laser Touch, which uses the 10 bodies as instruments of healing.Das Prakash is the term Yogi Bhajan used for the ten bodies, the “ten radiances”

- The correct prescription of yoga, humanology and lifestyle techniques

To read a full interview with Yogi Akal click on the hand.
Why should I learn YN?

Learn Yogic Numerology

Why should I learn it?


Yogi Bhajan when asked if one should study this system, he replied:

"I did. Why not you?"

And this is what I say:

In my daily life Numerology helps me to observe people’s behavior in a more neutral way. I understand their “operating system”, so I don’t take things personal. But it also helps me to correct my own behavior, reminding myself to stay calm, be patient, not forget the bigger picture, be graceful under pressure and the worth of silence. All of this and more by just remembering my own numbers. And as I recently said to the students at the course in Russia: this technique makes you a better observer, it makes you a more sophisticated and refined human being that is more present and conscious at all times. 



Here I will give you a series of good reasons, why you would benefit from learning this Technology:

1. What is Yogic Numerology and why would it be useful for you to know?
YN is a system of knowledge destined to self-fulfillment and healing of the person. Using the date of birth as a starting point and through concrete tools and techniques it offers a perspective on the Map of Life, guidance and transformation, for ourselves or others.

2. Where does this system come from? This technology is based on the ancient Akar Jantri system, originated in India and passed on through thousands of years through the oral tradition, in secrecy, by royal advisers and spiritual leaders. During the 20th Century the Master Yogi Bhajan, when arriving in the West considered this technique to be the Psychology of the New Era and he started to teach it. Later he told his student Yogi Akal, current Master of this Numerology, to develop the system further incorporating aspects of Classic Yoga and the Technical and Relational thinking ways of the West and to teach it.

3. Which answers does this Numerology give you? Numerology answers the basic questions of life: who am I, what do I have to learn this lifetime, why am I here, what is it what I have to do here, and how do I change my life, among others.

4. And when you are at a crucial moment of your life? Numerology teaches you to calculate which are most adequate moments to take important decisions to move a project, or to reflect and be patient. It also allows you to dispel doubts about the purpose of your life, aligning you with your mission on this planet.

5. Who can benefit from Yogic Numerology? This technique can be applied to individuals, couples, families, businesses, countries, animals, any living being, group or entity that has a date of birth, creation or beginning.

6. Which professionals could apply this technique? Psychologists, therapists, teachers, coaches, leaders and diverse professions which are in charge of people. With Yogic Numerology they will be able to lead, orient, support and help the people they work with and apply their capacities and skills at a higher level and reach their potential taking into account their soul. It is a simple and certain technique that can help solve conflicts within a few minutes.

7. If you are a Yoga Instructor? As a yoga teacher many students will come to you to ask you about their life. Disoriented, and needing your guide. This tool will help you to guide them in an objective and neutral way, without personal interpretation, from a place of true intuition where there is no interference with your ego, thoughts or feelings.

8. And if you have children? Numerology can help you to know how to better support their personal growth and development towards their fulfillment. It will also help you to understand on a deep level your relationship with them, aiding communication and understanding.

9. How can Numerology help relationships of couples? If you are in a relationship or want to enter one, Numerology will help you to know yourself better as well as the other person, as well as the cycle of each one and your compatibility. It will help you to focus on a conscious relationship of growth and support, avoiding complicated journeys and painful experiences.

10. Can Numerology predict the future? Yogi Numerology is not a technique to guess the future. It cannot predict future events, but it can help you to become aware and predict the consequences of your actions, as well as the way and most adequate moment to take decisions.

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