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Indiviual Readings

I am a trained Yogic Numerologist with over 20 years of experience. Allow me to help you personally with what you are struggling right now by understanding it through your chart.

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Birth chart Reading

Individual Chart Reading

1 hour  /  €108

Bring meaning, purpose, healing and transformation to your life...

I became a Numerologist because I was inspired by how this technology provided a neutral tool to understand myself better, as well as the people that surround me in my daily life. As I progressed in this ancient knowledge, I found it also answers profound questions that had always been on my mind: What am I supposed to do this lifetime? What do I have to learn? How do I reach my own depth? How do I overcome obstacles?


Psychology, personal growth and transformation and a better understanding of life always interested me, and serving people to improve their own lives. Numerology became the tool that allowed me to do both in an extremely effective way. 


If you are seeking a deeper understanding of your life, if you want guidance to decide which direction to take, if you feel stuck or have no idea of what you are doing here on this planet, allow me to serve you. A Numerology booking will help you figure all this out. I can't tell you the future, Numerology is not for that, but I can tell you where to focus your efforts and what the best timing would be for the changes you want in your life. 


You can record your session so you can go back as often as you wish to revisit the Map of your Life as I attempt to explain to you during the session.


It will be my blessing to serve you on this journey of life,

Dharma Kaur Khalsa

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