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Yogic Numerology

Let the Numbers Guide You

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Life is a Journey that we sometimes experience as deeply mysterious, but it doesn't have to be, and we can actually co-create our Reality in a very conscious and active way. Allow me to help you with that!

Dharma Kaur


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Allow the Numbers to answer your Questions of Life:

Who am I? Why am I here? How do I change my life? What do I have to do this lifetime? What do I have to learn? and many more...

I can help you
Yogic Numerologist, DKK

Yogic Numerologist, Dharma Kaur

In my daily life Numerology helps me observe people’s behavior in a neutral way. I’m able to understand their “operating system” so I don’t take things personally. It also helps me correct my own behavior, enabling me to stay calm, be patient, see the bigger picture, and be graceful under pressure. All of this just by remembering my own numbers. 


With your date of birth as a starting point and utilizing Yogic Numerology, I’ll show you the map of your life and provide guidance for your personal transformation. You’ll understand the basic questions of life - who am I? why am I here? what do I have to learn? how do I change my life? what do I have to do this lifetime? This allows you to dispel doubts about the purpose of your life, aligning you with your mission.


Yogic Numerology is not used to predict the future, but the increased awareness it gives can help you predict the consequences of your actions. Once you understand your map of life you will know when it is best to make important decisions and when you should be patient or focus on something else. And if you have children, numerology can help you better support their growth and development. It gives you an understanding of them on a deeper level, and better communication.

If you are in a relationship, numerology can help you and your partner become more compatible by understanding your respective ways of individual Operating Systems and how to reconcile these.

As a yoga teacher, therapist, social worker or coach, or a leader in any profession, many will come to you seeking your guidance. With Yogic Numerology training you can guide them objectively using your intuition, without personal interpretation. You can understand their soul’s destiny and help them fulfill their potential.


From Lawyer to Yogi, Numerologist and Healer...

An amazing Journey!

My Journey with Numerology:

In 1996 I met Yogi Akal at Summer Solstice in New Mexico, USA. I was blessed to have a very brief session with him. Back then, I did not know that he was the Master of Yogic Numerology, but what he said to me during that moment stuck with me for the rest of my life. I was sure that I wanted to study with him. But I lived in Chile, he in New York, and it was a time when Internet wasn’t so common yet. Also, it seemed to me, that his Course was extremely expensive. But the seed was planted, so I began to study Numerology from a few books I could find and a few people that had some knowledge about it. I gathered as much information I could over the course of many years and began to practice with my Yoga students and later to teach what I knew. It was not until 2011 that my dream came true when I found Yogi Akal again, this time thanks to the Internet. It was clear to me that not even a price would stop me from learning directly with him and that is how our journey together began. Not only did I sign up for his online course, I also became his translator for about two years of personal sessions he held with clients, as well as the reviewer of the Online Course as we translated it into Spanish. I worked closely with him on several other projects and my own personal growth. After a few years he told me that I could teach this material now around the world. So I started doing that, as well as counseling people with this technology. Currently I am the only person who travels the globe to hold these courses in person. I have been blessed to teach Numerology in Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Germany, Greece, Iceland, China, Malaysia, and Russia while doing sessions not just in those countries, but also for people from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and probably other places I can’t remember any more. Doing this for 23 years now has made me forget how many hundreds of sessions I have held. I am not counting any more. People return after many years again to ask for guidance from the Numbers.

In my daily life Numerology helps me to observe people’s behavior in a more neutral way. I understand their “operating system”, so I don’t take things personal. But it also helps me to correct my own behavior, reminding myself to stay calm, be patient, not forget the bigger picture, be graceful under pressure and the worth of silence. All of this and more by just remembering my own numbers. And as I recently said to the students at the course in Russia: this technique makes you a better observer, it makes you a more sophisticated and refined human being that is more present and conscious at all times.

It is my wish to be able to share these amazing, ancient Teachings that Yogi Bhajan initially received from a man in India who lived in a cave and then passed them on to Yogi Akal, as long as I still have the opportunity to do so, not just because they are part of the Legacy that Yogi Bhajan left us, but because this is a tool that serves us all in our personal growth and interaction with each other in our daily life. It is the most ancient counseling tool that is known to human kind, and still the most modern type of psychology on earth. A system that takes into account the journey of the Soul.


My Bio:

I was born in Valparaíso, Chile in 1961, to a German, Austrian and British descendant family. At the age of 10 I moved with my parents to live in Germany for 2.5 years. I studied my Elementary School years at the Deutsche Schule Valparaíso and in Germany. In 1978 I traveled with a student exchange program (AFS) for one year to the USA. In 1980 I began to study at Law School of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, which I finished at Universidad Católica de Santiago. In May 1989 I took my oath as a Lawyer before the Chilean Supreme Court and worked in this profession until 1999, in Valdivia, Chile.


I have a daughter born in 1984, Christine (Ram Rattan Kaur), who also lived with me in the USA and for 2 years attended Miri Piri Academy, the Boarding School of the Western Sikh Community, in Amritsar, India.


In 1996 I began to practice Kundalini Yoga in Valdivia. That same year I took my first Sat Nam Rasayan course and attended my first Summer Solstice and White Tantric Yoga course. ( in the US. During 1997 I took the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Santiago, Chile, led by Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa ( and attended again Solstice in the US where I decided to live as a Sikh. In the year 2000 I moved to Española, New México, USA to live within the largest Western Sikh community that follows the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, home of this Spiritual Teacher and Master of Kundalini Yoga and Chief Minister of the Sikh Religion in the Western Hemisphere. (More on that at


During the year 2001 Yogi Bhajan tells me to work at the most possible areas of the 3HO organization and that is how I ended up working at IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association), Foreign Affairs, Sikh Dharma International, KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institute), Community Development, the Director of Spiritual Trust, and for three years as the personal Assistant of Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, wife of Yogi Bhajan. He also directed me to  teach everywhere “where they speak that language of yours”, and to represent him. In October 2002 I began to attend the bi-annual Khalsa Council meetings. During Summer Solstice of 2006 I took my vows as Minister of Sikh Dharma.


Since 1996 I meditate daily, and since 1997 I practice Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, a meditation that is said to be the most advanced of all Yoga types. In 2003 I added Bound Lotus ( and in July 2006 Bowing Jaap Sahib of which I completed 1000 days in April 2009. I adjust regularly my practice to the current needs in my life in addition to the kriyas mentioned before. 

Since 2011 I have collaborated closely with Yogi Akal's work at his Academy.


From January 2007 to October 2009 I lived In La Paz, Bolivia. In October 2009 I moved to Quito, Ecuador, establishing my residency at 3000 meters, on the top of a mountain, overlooking the valley in which Quito stretches out and later settling in a quiet and remote spot in one of those valleys. In 2018 I moved to Europe to Gran Canaria, Spain surrounding myself again with mountains but only a long walk away from the Atlantic Ocean. In 2021 I settled on the island of Lanzarote, starting a new phase of my life. I used to travel the world teaching, and holding individual sessions of Numerology in person. Now this all happens online. Over the years I have worked in the following countries: Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Germany, Iceland, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and USA. Since moving into the online format it has been possible to reach so many more countries and people all around the globe with these teachings. A dream come true!

I add a link here of an article I wrote in 2001 sharing a bit of my story:


"You are a breath of fresh air, Dharma Kaur.” 


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